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Teaching After Tragedy

The massacre in Orlando has spurred many complicated thoughts for me and for everyone I know. It’s a time of sadness, anger, unity, energy. It can feel overwhelming. Can you imagine what it’s like for school-age children and adolescents? A former student asked me recently, what goes through a teacher’s mind in a situation like… Read More »Teaching After Tragedy

Parents: Allies, Not Enemies

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I’ve been teaching the first-semester course in a teacher education program since 2003. This is the very first course that students take after they’ve been admitted to the teacher education program. On the first evening of class, I always ask the students to work in groups to answer the following questions: What are you most… Read More »Parents: Allies, Not Enemies

The Value of Nervousness

Tonight is the first session of a new class I’m teaching. At this stage in my career, I’ve been in this situation over 100 times. Here’s a confession: I am still nervous.  I’m not afraid anymore. I am confident things will go well enough. But I am nervous about making sure I do my job well, that… Read More »The Value of Nervousness

When We Use Grammar

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Cherished colleagues of mine recently gave me the greeting card above. I have too much to say about grammar in general to write in a single post, so I’ll just write a quick one here to make a point. I LOVE this card. I think it’s funny, and I love that grammar is personified and is… Read More »When We Use Grammar