If Teachers Are Natural Rule-Followers, That’s a Problem

Advertisements As a teacher educator–that is, someone who teaches would-be teachers at the college level and leads teacher certification programs–I have always been leery of students who become teachers because they like imposing rules. I’ve had would-be teachers say, in front of an entire class, that they enjoy correcting people’s grammar and pointing out errors […] →Read more

Bored Students are the Teacher’s Responsibility: What Can You Do About It?

Advertisements As a teacher, your job is extremely clear. There is a bottom line. It’s student learning. Period. That’s it, that’s all, and there ain’t no more.  However, as every decent teacher knows, there’s a hell of a lot to student learning. It’s vaster and far more complicated than most people other than good teachers […] →Read more

“Students Have a Right To Fail” and Other Stupid Lessons I Had to Unlearn

Advertisements When I was a student teacher, way back before the Internet and just after TV Dinners moved from 40 minutes in the oven to 4 minutes in the microwave–really! Where did we find the time?!–I learned a few lessons from some veteran teachers that I had to unlearn later. One teacher in particular, a […] →Read more

2 Fast, Easy Ways to Keep Social Media from Driving Your Students (and YOU) to Distraction

Advertisements I love social media. Not all of it. I’ve been off Facebook for just about a year, and I have enjoyed the time away. But I love Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. I like these platforms better because they are more public facing than Facebook, which tends to narrow to people I know personally. I […] →Read more

3 Things to Know If You Have A Student Who Keeps Acting Out In Class, Refusing To Do Work?

Advertisements Every teacher has been there. You are trying to get your lesson done. You might even be leading up to something that most of the students will enjoy, but you have that one student who will not allow you to teach. They have influence over the other students, they distract you, and they are […] →Read more

3 Classroom Policies I Changed During the Pandemic–That Helped!

Advertisements Like many other teachers, my classes switched from in-person, face-to-face classes to remote classes via Zoom in mid-March 2020. My classes during this current semester were held entirely remotely. I am very fortunate to teach at a University where our new president (not our old one) allowed faculty to choose whether or not they […] →Read more

6 Reasons Not to Correct Errors in Student Writing

Advertisements Many teachers will correct errors in student writing. Some teachers do so much correcting, or copyediting, that their students’ papers are riddled with marks to the point that the student writing gets lost visually behind all the corrections. Surely this is the hallmark of a dedicated, hardworking, knowledgeable teacher with high standards, right? The […] →Read more

Are You a Nice Teacher? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Advertisements Students, particularly young students, will often praise the teachers they like as “nice.” In my career, I have often been called “nice,” but I’m not sure it was always accurate. And, more often–when I was actually being nice–I wasn’t always considered nice. Especially not at the time. So what does it mean to be […] →Read more

What Questions Did Pre-Service Teachers of Writing Ask?

Advertisements This week, for our last class session, I asked students in my Teaching of Writing class what questions they have about teaching writing in high school/middle school. I also allowed questions about teaching in general. The students were able to upload questions anonymously using a Google Form I created for them. I’m always interested […] →Read more

5 Ways to Use Twitter to Develop a Professional Network

Advertisements I have been using Twitter for over 9 years now (@Klind2013) and while I originally used it similarly to how I used Facebook, I now use it almost entirely to speak with professional colleagues. I still somewhat begrudgingly use FB to communicate with relatives, friends, old schoolmates, and some colleagues, but Twitter has become […] →Read more