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  • Is the United States of America Already Over?

    Advertisements Yesterday we witnessed the first violent insurrection against the United States government since the US Civil War. It was led by a cult leader who managed to get himself elected President of the United States, and he activated it when he lost his re-election bid. Yesterday was President Trump’s SECOND attempt at a violent […]

  • Bored Students are the Teacher’s Responsibility: What Can You Do About It?

    Advertisements As a teacher, your job is extremely clear. There is a bottom line. It’s student learning. Period. That’s it, that’s all, and there ain’t no more.  However, as every decent teacher knows, there’s a hell of a lot to student learning. It’s vaster and far more complicated than most people other than good teachers […]

  • 2018: A Year of Edukention

    Advertisements The Stats on Readers One of the most fun things about blogging are the statstics you get from the blogging program. I use WordPress, and get lots of data. Here are some interesting points from 2018. My blog received 2802 views from 2028 different people. (Some look more than once on the same day, […]

  • Who Helped Me for No Reason

    Advertisements This is a very personal post. Recently, I have had a number of people I’m close to use me as an example of someone who worked his way up to a successful career “without any help from anyone.” They like to use me as an example of why we should eliminate taxpayer-funded social programs. […]

  • (How) Should We Count Effort in Students’ Grades on Writing?

    Advertisements I’m sure most teachers have experienced this: You watch some students struggle and struggle to write well. They revise and rewrite. They come for extra help. They work with a writing tutor. But, short of having someone else actually do some of the writing for them, their final products are only so-so. And then […]

  • Blog on Education and Teacher Education

    Advertisements I’m Ken. My 2016 New Year’s resolution is to begin a blog on education and teacher education. An educator since 1988, often I have a response to issues or news in education, and I share it with friends and colleagues. I would like to share these thoughts more widely to engage in and perhaps […]

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